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We are those people behind the scenes who are keen to help you, we are an Africa-based company that wants to change the perception of African hotels. We want to become your reference online travel agency in Africa when planning your trip to discover the wonders of this continent.


Reach every corner of Africa and its people, like we did when travelling around this continent, but we also want to open it to the rest of the world and show them the beauty of Africa. We have developed a user-friendly and customer-oriented platform with the best technology that displays real-time availability of hotels across the continent.



Four friends in love of this continent who wants to bring back to Africa what Africa gives to them.

AkiliTravel´s founders have between them extensive knowledge in hospitality, marketing and IT, to give the best experience to our customers and hotel partners.

AkiliTravel is available in several African languages to give the best experience to our customers so that you can enjoy our wonderful continent.


For Akili Travel the most important part to follow. With this values we make sure we commit what hospitality is, provide an excellence service to our clients making sure they fell unique.


We will focus on give back to Africa what this continent offers to us.


All our choices and actions are underpinned by integrity. Building trust and respect across all our relationships.


We like to stay focus in our mission, vision and values.


Everything we do is with our heart and making sure is the best decision to help the hospitaliy industry in the continent.